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So grateful!

When my Mom had to go on hospice, I knew exactly where I wanted her to spend her last days. The staff, and the care they gave to her at Nazareth, was exceptional. On her last night, the kids and I left about 10:30 p.m.; Mom died at 12:38 a.m., just a few hours later. What was really touching was that the CNA who was caring for her in her last hours paid close attention to my mom. She played music for her and checked on her about every 10 minutes. When I picked up my Mom’s belongings, there was a note to us that the CNA caring for Mom had written, expressing her sympathy, and thanking us for trusting Nazareth with her care.
There were many things that made our experience at Nazareth positive. The woman in admissions, Peggy, handled everything for the transfer of my Mom from DePaul. The nurses were very timely with my mom’s medications so she didn’t experience anxiety or pain. We all visited at different times and always found her to be comfortable and well cared for. The Director of Nursing, Alison, called me when she thought my Mom’s death was getting close so my family could be there. The staff in culinary provided a comfort cart with coffee, soda, and snacks for the long hours we would stay, which was really good for my pregnant daughter. We were at the end of the hall which was very peaceful and gave the family the peace and the quiet they needed to send their grandma off. When my Mom died, Barb, the nursing supervisor, was very compassionate when she called to let me know Mom had died and verified our arrangements. Ashley in the business office was very efficient and compassionate. And then we received a sympathy card from the staff a few days later.

I would definitely give Nazareth 5 stars!

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