Tuesday, July 23, 2024


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Main: (314) 487-3950

I hope you come to visit and see how lovely it is here!

I have lived here at Nazareth Living Center for six years. I would like to say that the staff is absolutely outstanding! They could not be more caring or compassionate than what they are. They truly are interested in our welfare. That is not only my opinion, but it is how all of the residents feel about the staff here. I believe Nazareth Living Center opened around July six years ago. We arrived from California in August of that year. As for the buildings, they are exceptional!
There are always events going on such as outdoor concerts, outings to the Science Museum, trips to The Fox Theater and so much more. This month they are planning a sing-a-long concert outdoors. They also have speakers that they bring in. They not only have assisted living but also memory care. There is a lovely chapel that seats about two-hundred fifty-seven people that is associated through the Sisters of Saint Joseph that has a full pipe organ. There are just so many activities! On a daily basis, there are all different types of clubs for people to take part in such as the Card Club and two book reading clubs. In fact, the members of one of the book clubs call themselves “The Bookettes”. Some people just like to sit together and work on puzzles. I believe there are about one hundred twenty-two apartments full of very happy people who live here. Even the public library comes by and goes to each of the buildings. I do not think that there is any service that is wanting. As a woman, I appreciate that there are individual full-size washers and dryers in each apartment. My sister is over at Friendship Village and they do not even have something like that. Most facilities you would have to walk all the way downstairs or down a long hallway to use shared machines. Now, this is an inter-religious facility but many of us are Catholics. It is all of a two-minute drive and a company vehicle takes us to church on Saturday afternoons. And if you do not want to go on Saturday all you have to do is walk right across the campus to the chapel. They really take care of every aspect of your life. You do not have to worry about anything like, “How am I going here?” or “How am I going there?” People can still drive if they want to. You can also take the bus that is provided to take you out to do grocery shopping, go to the dentist or get to a doctor’s appointment. They offer all-around services. The food is very good too! They have a real chef. He works very well with the chefs in the other buildings. They offer a great variety of foods too. If you are having a private party the chef will work with you on that. They never act like it is too much trouble. Everyone loves the administration and they know that. We enjoy making them little treats like tea breads for them. I highly recommend Nazareth Living Center to everyone. I hope you come to visit and see how lovely it is here.