Saturday, March 2, 2024


Sales Counselor: (314) 931-4557
Main: (314) 487-3950

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Foundation Board

Sr. Mary Kay Hadican, CSJ, Chair
Dean Mills, Vice Chair
Mary Ann Daust-Buehler
Sr. Barbara Dreher, CSJ
Len Essig
Gary Gianino
Allen Grieve
Dane Huxel
Joseph Licata
Tina Ogle
Julie Collins, Ex-officio
David Dunn, Ex-officio
Cheryl Laut, Office Manager

A Great Place

“I attended some meetings before I decided to reside at Nazareth Living Center. The staff are very attentive to my needs. If I have any questions that need to be answered they are willing to answer those questions for me. Nazareth Living Center also offers great leisure activities and you have the choice if you want to participate in them or not. I am very comfortable at Nazareth Living Center.”

Mary B., St. Louis, MO

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