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Lenten Prayer 3

Lord God, heavenly Father, you know that we are set in the midst of so many and great dangers, that by reason of the frailty of our nature we cannot always stand upright: Grant us such strength and protection, to support us in all danger, and carry us through all temptations; through your Son, Jesus […]

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Lenten Prayer 2

O Christ, Son of God, for our sake you fasted forty days and allowed yourself to be tempted. Protect us so that we may not be led astray by any temptation. Since man does not live by bread alone, nourish our souls with the heavenly food of your Word; through your mercy, O our God,

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Lenten Prayer

Lord God Almighty, shaper and ruler of all creatures, we pray for your great mercy, that you guide us towards you, for we cannot find our way. And guide us to your will, to the need of our soul, for we cannot do it ourselves. And make our mind steadfast in your will and aware

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Advent Week 4

Come, Lord Jesus, Come! As John the Baptist calls out: “Prepare the way of the Lord,” help us to make right any broken relationships. Let us seek the “Messiah” in our midst being mindful of the poor and the powerless. May the morning star of hope rise in our hearts as God reveals the mystery 

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Mary, Mother of God

God, our Creator, You prepared Mary to be the mother of Jesus, Your Son. Cultivate faith and love in our hearts that we may proclaim the Good News of salvation by our words and deeds. We ask this through Jesus, the Christ, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

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Advent Week 3

Come, Lord Jesus, Come! Watching, waiting and wondering how God is acting in our life and in our time. Help us to be receptive to the divine invitation and respond like Mary with YES to life. May we run with hope  over the “hill country of misunderstandings” to care for others. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

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Advent Prayer 2

Blest are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, we await the healing power of Christ Your Son. Enrich our faith. Deepen our hope. Prepare our hearts for the reign of justice and peace. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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Advent Week 2

Come, Lord Jesus, Come! Out of the darkness of doubt, comes the promise of salvation. Lift our minds and hearts in prayer and help us to recognize God’s goodness and mercy. As we have received, so may we be generous  with what we can extend to others in need. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

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Advent Prayer

Blest are You, God of all ages, You sustain the living with loving-kindness. We are searching for the light of Your Word. Help us to ponder the mystery of Your love and wait with patience and prayer for the coming of our Savior. Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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Advent Week 1

Come, Lord Jesus, Come! Come to lighten the darkness and bring us hope. Open our hearts to God’s loving kindness and help us to reflect that love to one another. Bless each act of generous giving. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

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